Lilia Ellgaard



I am Engineer in the production of Automatic Revolving,
Curved System and Sliding Doors by TORMAX Danmark.
My job is projecting and construction work in 2D-AutoCAD
and 3D-Inventor. Work daily as system
responsible for drawing programs and drawing database, establish
and maintain the production documentations.
My wish is to develop my knowledge further in programming

List of ITU-courses I have had:

  • Introductory Programming Java
  • Introduction to Scripting,Databases and SystemArchitecture
  • Introduction to programming and distributed systems C#
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • XML-processing - methods, tools and theories
  • Introduction to Database Design

List of ITU-courses at E2010:

Figure 1.1 in the book:

1992 HTML 1.0 first definition
1995 Netscape-specific non-standard HTML appears
1999 HTML 4.01 slight modifications only
2001 XHTML 1.1 modularization to allow different subsets